The 2017 AGM is convening

November 21st, 2017
Registration 630-7
Meeting time 7-9
Terwillegar Community Church, 1751 Towne Centre Boulevard (across from Macs)

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Sutter Park Gets a Face-Lift

DSC 0190
Those of you who live near Sutter Park are aware that this park has suffered from neglect for many years: the grass, trees, flower beds, and shrubs have been in a poor state. We are pleased to report that over the summer, City crews have been busy removing decayed trees, planting new trees, and refurbishing flower beds and shrubs. This is at least partially due to the lobbying of the TTHOA and individual members. If you have any further concerns about City parks in our community please contact either Alisa (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or myself (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), and we will forward your concerns to the appropriate City department.



Benches installed in the park

DSC 0140
Eight new benches have been installed in the nature park (commonly referred to as the Pit) on 1885 Towne Centre Boulevard. The benches have been placed in scenic areas of the park; homeowners have a place to relax when walking their dogs in the summer or watching their children toboggan in the winter. The installation of the park benches was part of the capital projects improvements proposed at the last Annual General Meeting (AGM) last fall. We welcome your input regarding the further development of this property.



Additional Free Library Boxes Installed

DSC 0101
We are pleased to announce the installation of two additional free library boxes at the south end of Area J (1885 Towne Centre Blvd) and at the intersection of Thibault Way and South Terwillegar Blvd (north-end of the J-shaped lake). There are now four free library boxes in total: the other boxes are located at Tomlinson Park and by the Gazebo. Residents can take a book or donate a book free of charge. The two new boxes are refurbished metal newspaper boxes that are more resistant to vandalism than wooden boxes. Due to previous vandalism, residents should continue to be on the look-out for suspicious behaviour in neighbourhood parks. Please call the police at 780-423-4567 to file a complaint or 911 to report a crime in progress.



Spring cleaning is underway in Terwillegar Towne

20150508 104351
During the next few weeks our landscaper will be busy raking leaves and removing debris on the lands we own as well as planting flower beds and mowing lawns. In this picture, he is removing rocks from the boulevard that have accumulated over the winter.



Two Little Free Libraries Reinstalled

little free libraries
We are pleased to announce that two Little Free Libraries boxes have been reinstalled at Tomlinson Park and Tomlinson Square (the Gazebo Park). Residents may take a book (free of charge) or donate a book. The TTHOA will consider additional sites for the installation of boxes in the new-year. For more information about previous vandalism to the boxes, and how you can help, please see the July article at the end of the hot topics section.



Towne Centre Boulevard & 23 Av turning lane is almost open again.
We just need lines and arrows to be painted before we can use it

turning lane



News on Crime in Terwillegar

Edmonton Police Service today acknowledged (to Erin Poulsen, Executive Assistant to Councillor Bryan Anderson) that they are aware of incidents of crime in Terwillegar. Unfortunately the Terwillegar area is a nice “shopping” area for criminals (a gentleman who resides in the North end attends Southwest frequently because, quote “they have nicer stuff to steal down here”). The EPS do try to have more patrols throughout the area but the new and still being completed neighbourhoods are attractive to criminals. Neighbourhoods such as Terwillegar town are targeted as the criminals travel through the area from these new neighbourhoods.

EPS are attempting to make it more convenient to report crimes by going onto their website and go to this link, if you want to complete an online report. If there are difficulties while entering the report, you can call the online reporting help line at 780-391-6001. To report other crime types, call the non-emergency line at 780-423-4567 or #377 from a mobile or report in person at the nearest Police Station.

EPS also has information for each district found in the Southwest division. They send crime alerts through this newsletter each month, here is the link to that:

Last but not least, approximately 70% of theft from vehicles are from unlocked vehicles. EPS is trying to get the message out to lock up the cars, houses, garages to prevent theft. Removing all valuables from vehicles is also a good practice as the vehicle is less attractive to the criminal. EPS encourages people to call them for things they may think is trivial. If a suspicious individual is observed in a neighbourhood they want to know. If someone’s car has been rummaged through, but nothing taken… they want to know. If EPS can get all this information, they are more likely to figure out who is responsible.

Thank you neighbors for helping get the word out. Maybe we'll eventually find out who lit the Little Free Libraries on fire.



Traffic Circle by Macs has been completed

On July 10, 2014 the City of Edmonton Director of Roadway Maintenance reported that the traffic circle work would be completed prior to the start of the school year. The project has been completed as promised. A hearty thank you to City of Edmonton Roadway Maintenance and to all who helped facilitate this undertaking.

The Alberta Traffic Safety Act, Use of Highway and Rules of the Road Regulation AR304/2002 Section 40 states that unless otherwise directed by a traffic control device, a person driving a vehicle that is travelling in a traffic circle shall yield the right of way to any other vehicle that is in the circle and that is travelling to the left of that person's vehicle. This means that vehicles travelling in a traffic circle in the right lane SHALL yield to vehicles travelling in a traffic circle in the left lane. Drivers must remember to yield to the vehicles in the left lane when attempting movements through traffic circles in the right lane. In Alberta, yield signs are posted for both approach lanes. Drivers in approach lanes must yield to vehicles in the circle. Don’t forget to signal in and signal out. For more information about use of signal lights and other traffic safety tips please click on the link below.



Terwillegar Gazebo Has a New Skin



Little Free Libraries

Area J 1 - Editing

Area J 1 - Editing


On or about Thursday night (July 10/2014), a yet unknown arsonist destroyed a Little Free Library in Tomlinson Park. Saturday night the one by the toboggan hill was also destroyed by fire.

Somebody out there is very bored and very dangerous. Both fires could have spilled onto dry grass and crept to surrounding homes. There's a good chance that at least one of you reading this may have seen or heard something out of the ordinary on one of these nights in the affected locations. Somebody, for sure, knows who is responsible for these cowardly acts, and may not yet realize it. Search your minds, memories, and activities of those days. Have you heard anyone bragging about a misdeed?

What's next? A garbage can? Fence? Garage? Another house? The majority of people are law abiding, and proud of their communities, and do not commit actions like this, but unless that majority speaks out it has no strength and is insignificant. Let's all be vigilant, keep our eyes and ears open, communicate with each other, and watch each other's backs.

Little Free Libraries promote literacy and the love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide. They help to build a much needed sense of community as we share skills, creativity and wisdom across generations. Promotion of reading for children, and literacy for adults should not be put to the torch. By the way.... NET COST PER UNIT INSTALLED IS $820 plus admin costs.

If you have any information that may lead to the apprehension of those responsible, you have a duty to report this to the Edmonton Police Service.

Complaint line (not for crimes in progress): 780-423-4567, or #377 from a mobile device.

Text a tip to Edmonton Crime Stoppers: Type keyword, “TIP250 and your tip” and send it to CRIMES (274637).

Crimes in progress: 911.

NEWS UPDATE: To date no suspect has been identified for this crime and plans to replace the Little Free Libraries are presently on hold. The community still needs your help to find the bad guys.