Director at Large


  • The Board of Directors is the legal authority for the Terwillegar Towne Homeowners Association (TTHOA). As a member of the Board, a Director holds a position of trust, and is responsible for the effective governance of the association.

Requirements of Board Membership:

  • Commitment to the purpose, goals and work of the association.
  • Knowledge and skills in at least one area of Board governance: policy, finance, administration, volunteer management, contract tender & supervision, communications or corporate relations.
  • Willingness to serve in a productive and meaningful capacity.
  • Attendance at Board meetings, Annual General Meeting, and any special meetings called.
  • Support of, and participation in, relevant informational or community events.
  • Willingness to participate in on-going Board Development activities.

Term and Evaluation:

  • Directors are elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting, and serve for a one-year term. Directors may stand for election for successive terms.
  • The Board will review Board Position Descriptions at least once every three years.
  • Any Director may resign from office by giving five (5) days notice in writing. The resignation takes effect five days from the date that the Board accepts the resignation.
  • Any Director may, upon the majority vote of the Board, be released from service should they be found in breach of the terms governing the Board in the Articles of Association.


  • Members of the Board are required to be fully informed on organizational matters, and to participate in deliberations and decisions on matters of policy, finance, personnel, contracted services, communications and advocacy.

General Duties Include:

  • Review and approve, as appropriate, policy recommendations and other recommendations developed or received by the Board.
  • Review and be familiar with the Articles of Association and TTHOA policies. Recommend changes or up-dates when appropriate. Vote on any recommended changes.
  • Monitor Board activities to ensure that the organization is operating within policy.
  • Participate on or provide support to sub-committees.
  • Review Board structure as may be required, vote on any recommended changes, and ensure that the Articles of Association or relevant policies are amended as required.
  • Review, provide input to and approve the Association's annual budget. Review reports from the Treasurer, and finance/variance reports.
  • Approve the hiring and release of personnel and contracted services. Review or participate in performance evaluations and contract reviews, as appropriate.
  • Contribute to developing and maintaining positive relations among the Board, Association members, contractors, volunteers and the community to further the Association`s mission.
  • Represent the Association in a positive manner in the community, and contribute toward effective communication between Association members and the Board.
  • Actively contribute to the stability and ongoing success of the Board, through recruitment and succession planning.
Date Last Revised and Approved: October 19, 2009
Due Date for Next Review: March 2012
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