The SECRETARY of the Terwillegar Towne Homeowners Association (TTHOA) is a member of the Executive Committee. In addition to the Authority, Requirements and Responsibilities of a Director at Large, the Secretary assumes the following duties:

  • Keep copies of the association's Policies and Articles.
  • Maintain lists of the Board, Executive, and committee members.
  • Oversee maintenance of an up-to-date Board Policy & Procedure Manual. Ensure copies are provided to Board members as required.
  • Ensure that any and all amendments to the Articles are submitted to any governing authorities as required by The Province of Alberta and/or the Government of Canada
  • Prepare meeting agendas for the approval of the President.
  • Notify Board members of meetings; distribute agendas and any relevant documents.
  • Keep a record of attendance at Board meetings.
  • Ensure that there is a quorum at meetings prior to a vote being called on any issue.
  • Keep detailed minutes of all regular and special Board meetings. Distribute to Board members, management (as appropriate), and custodian of Minute Book.
  • Record all motions and decisions made at Board meetings.
  • In the absence of both the President and Vice-President, chair Board meetings until the election of an alternate chairperson.
  • Obtain and keep a copy of any Board committee minutes.
  • Ensure that a copy of all legal documents, contracts, and other important documents are filed with custodian of official records.
  • Ensure that new or updated information is posted to the association website as and when required.
  • Carry out other duties assigned by the Board.
  • Upon completion of the term, orient the incoming Secretary to their duties, and turn over all pertinent records and materials.

Term and Evaluation:

  • The Secretary is elected to the Executive by the Board of Directors, at the first regular Board meeting following the Annual General Meeting, and serves a one-year term. The Secretary may stand for election for a maximum of three successive terms.


Date Last Revised and Approved: October 19, 2009
Due Date for Next Review: March 2012
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