As we transition into warmer weather & your outdoor project list grows, we would like to remind you to please submit your exterior renovation requests to the TTHOA here: Please confirm that you are following the TTHOA Architectural Guidelines. The easiest to cross off your list of to do’s is to ensure that your fence is painted white. On a side note, the TTHOA does not have any specific requirements for landscaping, but you must abide by the City of Edmonton Bylaws.   With spring clean up in mind, we have compiled a list of top items that are simple to do & will instantly add great curb appeal to your property. A fresh coat of paint on your railings, porch, stairs & fence is an instant way to refresh & update your home. TTowne is known for its distinctive doors as well – a pop of colour on your door adds character. Cleaning up your…
TTowne Sutter Park before Maintenance TTowne Tompkins Way Green Space After Mow In response to the revised parkland/green space maintenance schedule issued by the City of Edmonton for the 2020 season, the TTHOA has hired our landscaping contractor to maintain the neighborhood parks, boulevards & pond areas in Terwillegar Towne.  The TTHOA felt that the City's decreased level of service is not in line with what the board has envisioned for T Towne.  Please feel free to send us your comments.   Sincerely,   Terwillegar Towne Board of Directors 
Keep up with news from your TTHOA Board of Directors through our regular web site updates and articles in the "Terwillegar Tribune". The Tribune is available by mail, and on line at Tribune Article - Page 8 PDF
We are pleased to announce the installation of two additional free library boxes at the south end of Area J (1885 Towne Centre Blvd) and at the intersection of Thibault Way and South Terwillegar Blvd (north-end of the J-shaped lake). There are now four free library boxes in total: the other boxes are located at Tomlinson Park and by the Gazebo. Residents can take a book or donate a book free of charge. The two new boxes are refurbished metal newspaper boxes that are more resistant to vandalism than wooden boxes. Due to previous vandalism, residents should continue to be on the look-out for suspicious behaviour in neighbourhood parks. Please call the police at 780-423-4567 to file a complaint or 911 to report a crime in progress.
We are pleased to announce that two Little Free Libraries boxes have been reinstalled at Tomlinson Park and Tomlinson Square (the Gazebo Park). Residents may take a book (free of charge) or donate a book. The TTHOA will consider additional sites for the installation of boxes in the new-year. For more information about previous vandalism to the boxes, and how you can help, please see the July article at the end of the hot topics section.
ARSONIST STRIKES TERWILLEGAR TOWNE TWICE IN 3 DAYS On or about Thursday night (July 10/2014), a yet unknown arsonist destroyed a Little Free Library in Tomlinson Park. Saturday night the one by the toboggan hill was also destroyed by fire. Somebody out there is very bored and very dangerous. Both fires could have spilled onto dry grass and crept to surrounding homes. There's a good chance that at least one of you reading this may have seen or heard something out of the ordinary on one of these nights in the affected locations. Somebody, for sure, knows who is responsible for these cowardly acts, and may not yet realize it. Search your minds, memories, and activities of those days. Have you heard anyone bragging about a misdeed? What's next? A garbage can? Fence? Garage? Another house? The majority of people are law abiding, and proud of their communities, and do…
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